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The Good Body

30 Day Transformation Challenge!



You will have workouts ready for you to start getting strong and fit. Customize the workouts to fit your schedule, time and efforts.  All workouts are on an app which means easy to access and can be done at the gym or home. If working out at home there are a few recommended pieces of equipment (see list below) to give you a variety of exercises. If you don't want to purchase any equipment, no worries. There is a body weight workout you can do that requires no equipment. 

Food Tracking

Learn your correct calorie range and log in foods through the app to make sure you stay within your calorie range.  Sample meal plans are given to use as as guide. No food is off limits!!

Weekly Weigh Ins

Through the app you will weigh in each week to help you stay accountable and on track.

Group Accountability

A fantastic feature in the app is a group texting/posting feature. Everyone in the challenge can communicate with each other. This is where you can motivate, encourage and help each other to stay on track. There is also a Facebook page just for this challenge that will have more content and helpful information.

Connect With Me

You can private message me through the app as well and I am here to answer any questions you may have.


Get daily motivation from me. I will also connect with you through the group app and private message. I will be hands on to help you reach your goals.

Make the Commitment Now!


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There is a small $29.99 fee to join the challenge. WHY? If you have some skin in the game, you're more than likely to follow the program and have success. Which is the whole point right? Click below to get going!

What happens when you join?

You will get an email to download the Trainerize app which is where you will locate your workouts. You will not see your workouts in your calendar until Jan 2nd when the challenge starts.  From now until the challenge you will receive a serious of emails from me on steps you can take now to get ready for 30 days of making small changes and getting ready for the challenge.

Home Equipment Recommendations

If you are wanting to complete the workouts in the convenience of your home, there is a small equipment recommendation to give you a variety in your workouts. You can easily get this equipment at your local sporting goods store, sports equipment resale store, target or order straight from Amazon. Don't worry if you haven't purchased the equipment right away. The first week you will have the option of a total body weight workout that requires no equipment. 

Stability Ball

Here is a link to Amazon for a stability ball. I recommend the 65cm size.

Resistance Bands

Here is as link to Amazon for resistance bands. 

Free Weights

The best place to get free weights is at an exercise equipment resale store. You can also get them at Target or any sporting good store and will save you the cost of shipping. I recommend starting with 5, 8 and 10 lb weights. Go heavier if you like. Here is an Amazon link if you need it.

Make the Commitment Now!


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Remember you get workouts, sample meal plans, calorie counting. weigh ins and accountability. In 30 days you will be amazed!