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The Good Body

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The Good Body Group Training Program

Workouts: There is always strength in numbers and that is how the Good Body Group Training works. When you join, a workout program is ready for you and can be done in the gym or at home (minimal equipment required if done at home). Everyone is doing the same workout, but you can customize how long you workout and how hard. 

Meal Plans: Weekly nonrestrictive simple meal plans are ready for you to follow, but that is not all. Log in your calories and make sure you stick to your correct calorie range when eating out or on the go.

Group Accountability: Be a part of an amazing group who encourages each other and motivates you to stay on track. The message center on the app allows you to post questions, encourage and help each other stay accountable. Post your goals and find an accountability partner to help you stick with the program.

Facebook group and Lives: Meet with me once a week on Facebook where I go live. You can ask me questions and I will be giving you tips and helpful information. Can't make the Facebook Live, no worries, you can post questions ahead of time and then watch later. 

I'm here to help: You can email me questions once a week and I will get back to you promptly.

If you paid a personal trainer and dietitian each month for all this it would be very costly. Don't forget you have a team behind you facing the same struggles and goals who are there to motivate and keep you accountable.


GROUP TRAINING - monthly fee

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You get all the above for just $99 a month. Start hitting your goals with workouts that fit your lifestyle and a diet with no restrictions. If you have more questions, please email me at