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The Good Body

Are You Ready To Finally Lose Weight and Keep It Off?


Healthy Sustainable Habits!

Personalized Workouts

I will send you online personal training workouts that are personalized just for you to fit your needs, time and fitness level. These workouts can be done anywhere, gym, home, office, hotel, etc.


Learn how to lose weight the right way with The Good Body For Life easy to follow meal plans. Swap out foods to customize your diet. The diet program teaches you a smart and healthy way of eating. This is dieting made simple where you don't have to leave out a food group or deprive yourself.


Most diet and fitness programs leave out a very important component and that is MINDSET. The Good Body For Life program goes into the mindset aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to embrace imperfection, soothe emotional hunger and find the root cause of emotional eating.

Details on what you will receive in the 12 WEEK PROGRAM!


Learn to eat without dieting and learn to actually enjoy exercise!

In order to sustain weight loss you need three elements: Diet, Exercise and Mindset. Most programs leave out the Mindset component which is why they fail. This 12 week program worth over $3,000 will get you on track. Here is just some of what the program entails.


  •  Nail down your readiness to change. 
  • Learn the costs of not changing. 
  • Establish your WHY power and learn how to embrace imperfection. 
  • Focus on good behaviors and progress instead of outcomes. 
  • Learn the skills to be mindful of what you eat. 
  • Soothe emotional hunger without food. 
  • How to avoid the saboteurs, naysayers and food police. 
  • Uncover the root cause of emotional eating. 
  • Embrace the benefits of the inevitable plateau. 
  • Learn systems and procedures to ensure follow-through


  • Follow a real-food eating plan designed to make healthy eating simple.
  • Establish portion control so you can eat your favorite foods without jeopardizing weight loss.
  • Learn how to treat your diet like a checkbook.
  • Discover the benefits of eating plants.
  • How to incorporate planned fun food or indulgences.
  • Learn to make it right with the very next bite.


  •  Learn how to choose the right exercise plan for you. 
  • Fit exercise into your busy life. 
  • How to enjoy exercise. 
  • Importance of strength training. 
  • Design your own home gym. 
  • Stay fit even after falling down.

I didn't even mention the accountability and mentoring from me. We will talk on the phone, and you can text and email me at any time. I will stay on top of your workouts and calories each day. 

Plus you get online personal training workouts!


Free Consultation and Assessment

You will start off with a free consultation and assessment with me to help me design your workouts to your needs and fitness level.

Personalized Training Plan

Personalized workouts that tailor to your specific needs, such as injuries, fitness level, time commitment, etc. These workouts are on an app so you can access them anywhere. I can design workouts to be done at home, gym, and/or hotel.

Nonrestrictive Diet

The Good Body meal plans are simple to follow. You can swap out foods and customize the diet to your liking. You will also be tracking calories which I will be checking through the app. This way I can help you stay on top of your calories to make sure you are eating enough to lose weight effectively.

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