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3 MONTH COMMITMENT ($480 a month) of Healthy For Life Program and One on One Personal Training. Plus the membership site for free. See detailed information on all three services below.  

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Fat Burning Workouts

Get monthly workout plans with my fat burning workouts. These workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment. No need for a gym membership!

Healthy Recipes and Meal Plans

Get a months worth of healthy recipes and meal plan ideas. These recipes are easy, so you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen and if you meal prep it even saves more time.

Healthy Eating and Exercise Pledges

Get your mindset in the right place by making the pledge. First you will calculate how many calories you need to lose weight and then you will pledge to yourself to stay within your calories to the best of your ability each day. Next you will pledge to get your exercise in most days of the week. These pledges are your first step to committing to a healthy lifestyle.


Download the Scorecard and write at the top what your reward will be for getting your points each month. You get points for staying within your calories, getting your workouts in, taking part of the monthly challenge (optional) and getting 10,000 steps a day in. Get your points and then reward yourself.

Monthly Challege

Give yourself a little challenge each month. These challenges are for you to step out of the box a little. They can be dietary, physical or mindset. This is a way for your to stay motivated and on track.

Facebook Group

Join the Membership Site Facebook group and if you want, you can be assigned an accountability partner. Match yourself up with someone to help you stay motivated and in the game.

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Healthy For Life Program


Learn to eat without dieting and learn to actually enjoy exercise!

In order to sustain weight loss you need three elements: Diet, Exercise and Mindset. Most programs leave out the Mindset component which is why they fail. This 8 week program worth over $2,000 will get you on track. Here is just some of what the program entails.


  •  Nail down your readiness to change. 
  • Learn the costs of not changing. 
  • Establish your WHY power and learn how to embrace imperfection. 
  • Focus on good behaviors and progress instead of outcomes. 
  • Learn the skills to be mindful of what you eat. 
  • Soothe emotional hunger without food. 
  • How to avoid the saboteurs, naysayers and food police. 
  • Uncover the root cause of emotional eating. 
  • Embrace the benefits of the inevitable plateau. 
  • Learn systems and procedures to ensure follow-through


  • Follow a real-food eating plan designed to make healthy eating simple.
  • Establish portion control so you can eat your favorite foods without jeopardizing your weight loss.
  • Learn how to treat your diet like a checkbook.
  • Discover the benefits of eating plants.
  • How to incorporate planned fun food or indulgences.
  • Learn to make it right with the very next bite.


  •  Learn how to choose the right exercise plan for you. 
  • Fit exercise into your busy life. 
  • How to enjoy exercise. 
  • Importance of strength training. 
  • Design your own home gym. 
  • Stay fit even after falling down.

Next Program Starts August 5th

I limit this program to a small group, so I can give lots of time and attention to each person. Each week you will have videos to watch and homework assignments. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to complete everything. I will have Facebook hours on our private Facebook group so you can connect with me and ask any questions. We will also have a weekly Zoom call. If you are needing more time with me then we can schedule a call. This program has helped so many people lose weight and keep it off.




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This program has an over $2,000 value. Take advantage of this now!


Healthy For Life Program -8 Weeks 2 Payment Option of:


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Take advantage of the two payment option.

One on One Private Coaching


Free Consultation and Assessment

You will start off with a free consultation and assessment with me to find exactly what you need to better your health.

Personalized Training Plan

Personalized workouts that tailor to your specific needs, such as injuries, fitness level etc. These workouts are on an app so you can access them anywhere. I can design workouts to be done at home, gym, and/or hotel.

Diet Assessment and Plan

I will analyze your dietary habits and put you on a plan that works for you. I don't believe in crazy diets where you take out a food group or have to deprive yourself. You will be on a diet track that can last a life time.


Getting in your exercise and eating right is just part of the equation to living a healthy lifestyle. You also need to get your mind set on the right track. Adding this component increases your success for a long life of healthy eating. You will have full access to my Healthy For Live program and if you have already been through the program then we will continue the process.


You will have direct access to me with weekly calls and emails. I am here to help in your success.

12 Week Program

It takes at least 3 months to create a habit, so take advantage of my 3 month commitment special pricing. If you are someone who needs personalized help with diet and exercise, plus that extra accountability then I urge you to start now. Three payment options below. I only take in a few one on one clients, so I can really give each and every client the attention they need.  Set up your free 15 minute consultation call with me now. 


Personalized One on One Coaching. Month to Month.


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Personalized One on One Coaching. 3 Month Commitment.


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 To create a habit it takes 12 weeks. Take advantage of this 12 week (3 month) 20% off special pricing. 


3 Month Commitment of 3 Monthly Payments:


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Need a better option for payment? Break it up in 3 easy payments.

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